Prince2 certification vs pmp

Get a magic link sent to your email that will sign you in instantly! Email Magic Link. Login with username and password. Login with a Magic Link. If you are in the field of project management or if you just always wanted to work in this discipline, you have already wondered what you must do to advance your career growth and higher education.

They are both highly reputed certifications in the field and can validate your skills to potential employers.

prince2 certification vs pmp

No is it an easy decision to make. But we have done much of the tough work for you. Here is an intensive insight into both the programs so that you can make that all important final call. They both however have a body of knowledge and a proven approach that helps users build and handle projects well and efficiently. Therefore, picking one out of the two is a process that involves many different aspects. The ideal choice that you make should be based on the industry or the company that you are thinking of building a career in and the type of project that you want to lead or direct.

Both have equal value of certification but remember, in different aspects of project management. One of the most highly regarded certifications in the field, this is a qualification program that is offered by PMI the Project Management Institute. Many different industries use PMP as a standard requirement for project managers. Becoming a PMP certified professional will empower you to work with any methodology in any industry.

The program covers a wide area of project management techniques and competencies that can help you increase your earning potential. This program has gained steady recognition across Europe and Asia.

This is a process based project management technique that offers a very organised and systematic approach to deliver a successful project with clearly planned and outlined timetables, processes and steps. The certification in itself is both process and project oriented.

If you want to get any of these two certifications, it is essential that you come ready with your research on one that you have chosen. Each certification has been observed as having higher demand in certain regions of the world which means it can considerably boost your employability according to where you live or work.

Many studies that have been carried out, as well as surveys indicate that certified professional make more income than their peers who do not have a certification.

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Having a certification in project management especially, the ones like PRINCE2 and PMP indicate that the individual knows and understands the universal language of the industry.

No matter which one you choose, we can help you gain an accredited certification that will improve your chances of quality employment or help you take further steps in your higher education. You can browse our programs now at. Did you find our blog helpful? Leave a comment and let us know.

Want an easier way to login? Email Magic Link Or.However, many students aspiring to serve the IT sector do get perplexed regarding the appropriate choice of the course. In fact, when you search on the internet, you would come across several certifications. Therefore, it is important to have an extensive knowledge of these courses and then choose one which is best for your career.

The following article concentrates on two most important project management certifications ; PMP and Prince2. But you should be acquainted with their differences so that the decision to choose one becomes simpler in the end. If you have to compare Project Management Professional and Prince2 in a nutshell, the basic difference lies in their techniques and approach to complete any project.

Both have their pros and cons and so the selection should be made quite wisely. A lot depends on the reputation of the company and the kind of project you are associated with. However, both are equivalent in terms of value and can help in taking your career forward.

Out of the various project management courses, PMP is one of the highly preferred certificates for establishing your career as a project manager. By availing this certificate, you get a comprehensive knowledge about how to tackle and manage a project professionally and effectively producing optimum results in the end. Indeed, you can apply your knowledge and experience in whichever industry you work with.

The PMP is often regarded as the encyclopaedia of the project management as it offers complete knowledge on the subject. The Project Management Institute PMIthe apex body offering the PMP certification has introduced a number of programs to enhance the career prospects of the candidates.

However, before enrolling in any of them, you must acquaint yourself with the specific requisites and especially the examinations; you have to qualify in the process. These certificates are globally recognized and will help you attain the best paying jobs as project managers.

You have to prepare exceedingly well to pass the exam with a good percentage. Some essential certificates besides PMP include. The Project IN Controlled Environment Certificate is a type of program which usually focuses on technique related project management. Here you get to know about a systematic approach and ways to complete a successful project. It is a new joint venture company. While perusing this certification, you would gain knowledge on a number of topics such as MSP program management; portfolio and risk management, value and IT service management and much more.

The Prince2 Certification has been readily categorized into three categories based on their levels of toughness. It includes.

Out of the three, the Foundation and the Practitioner levels are the most important and popular amongst the candidates. One of the advantages of choosing this certificate course for your career is that you become quite capable of executing any kind of project with great ease as you develop knowledge of project management principles. Secondly, it offers model approach.

Here each team member is familiar with his job responsibility and how to cater it professionally. The planning is done in a systematic manner and every task is done in a step by step manner. Yet another benefit of Prince2 certification is that it highlights on both project as well as a process.

Now let us make a comparative study between Project Management Professional and Prince2 based on the following parameters. We know that both PMP and Prince2 Project Management Certification have gained the reputation throughout the world arena but there are certain countries where one is preferred over the other.

On the other hand, Prince2 is more popular in UK, Australia and other countries of the European continent.

PRINCE2 vs PMP Certification 8 Important Differences

Therefore, one can say that there is almost an equivalent distribution amongst the various regions regarding the first choice of the certification. Any candidate, who enrols for a professional course or a certification, does so with an intention to get a higher pay.I will explain in more details below. If you are just beginning your professional project management certification journey, you are advised to choose either one to work on based on the previous section Which one is Right For Me?

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PRINCE2 Vs. PMP - Choosing The Best Project Management Certification

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I am having total 8 years of experience and 4 years in Operation as well as 1 year in project management.

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Thanks for your comments. Just go for it. May you please advise about any ongoing discount on Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications?. Like most of us, I am a working professional pursuing career advancements through Certifications. As I am having a full-time job and a family with 3 kids, I need to pursue professional certifications in the most effective way i.

I share my exam tips here in the hope of helping fellow Certification aspirants! If you have any queries, I am more than happy to help. I promise to attend to them asap. Article Highlights 1 What are the Key Similarities? Support website running for FREE, thanks!

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May 6, at Ashish Bansal says:. April 25, at Wish you certification success! PMP Certification Exam. Search for Certification Tips.So that begs the question: which certification is right for you? Read on to make the right choice! Picking one over the other is a decision that involves several factors. The certification course covers a wide spectrum of project management techniques and competencies that are necessary for any project manager and can help increase your earning potential.

The certification is both process and project-focused. If you wish to get one of these certifications, it is important that you do your research before you begin to walk down one path vs. Each certification is in higher demand in specific geographies, so you need to determine which of the two certifications will boost your employability. Several studies and surveys show that certified professionals in project management earn much more than their non-certified peers.

According to a Payscale. Within these five larger domains are a multitude of other skills like risk identification, quality management, change management, materials management, and much more. Out of the 75 questions, 5 are trial based and not counted during the scoring process.

The Practitioner exam is an objective, scenario-based paper. The individual is tested based on 9 questions with a time limit of 2. However, it is recommended that you have some project management experience and formal training before you take the exam. The Practitioner exam will require you to have passed the Foundation exam. The Practitioner exam, however, is valid for 5 years, after which it will become invalid.


Therefore, it is advisable that you do both of these certifications as it helps in the development of the professional's excellent project management skills. The certification you choose should depend on your job prospects and the region you are working in. A professional would benefit from the skills and knowledge that both of these certifications offer.

Learn for free! Effort Vs.

PMP® vs PRINCE2® - Project Management Certification - PMP® Certification Training - Edureka

Duration Vs. Are you looking forward to making a mark in the Project Management field? If yes, enroll in the Project Management Fundamental Program now and get a step closer to your career goal! Verifies your knowledge of "generally-accepted" best practices and principles of project management. Next Article. Recommended Resources.

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View Details.Over the last several years, project management has become more in-demand. The PMI Jobs Report shows the industry will only continue to expand with an increasing need for experienced project managers. With several project management certifications on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate which ones are worth the effort.

prince2 certification vs pmp

Fortunately, achieving one or more of these credentials can help further your career and add validity to your skillset with potential employers. It offers defined processes and templates to ensure successful project outcomes.

However, the framework can be applied across various project-oriented roles and project types. One of the main resources for this certification is the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOKwhich focuses on the ten knowledge areas and the phases of the project. Depending on where you are in your careerPMI offers a variety of certifications ranging from entry-level to experienced project managers. However, the PMP is the most commonly sought after and most well-recognized out of the available options.

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There are also specific benefits that come with each certification. For the PMP, the salary is typically higher and PMP certification holders receive better pay raises more frequently than non-certified professionals. With that membership, you have access to job-hunting tools, knowledge resources, and networking opportunities via local chapters and online forums.

Furthermore, the PMP is also a very well-known and trusted certification by potential employers worldwide. In general, this certification is geared toward providing a project manager with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully execute a project. On the other hand, PRINCE2 also offers an extensive body of knowledge focused on analyzing a project from every aspect. However, PRINCE2 removes any question of how to deploy techniques and procedures, file documents, and understand the roles and responsibilities associated with each project.

With this being said, the two certifications actually complement each other. Watch this video on YouTube. For the Foundation exam, there are no prerequisites, though they do recommend that you have some experience managing projects. In terms of the exams, you should note that there are upcoming changes to the PMP exam starting December 16, Today, certification seems to be the right way to move up to the higher echelons of management in an enterprise.

But there is a certain dilemma among project practitioners across the globe with regards to which project management certification is right for them. The choice of certification should be based on the organization, type of industry, and the project one is being involved in.

PMP stands for Project Management Professional and is one of the most widely-recognized project management certification in the world. Enterprises across the globe use PMP credential as a benchmark while hiring project managers to handle or be part of business critical projects.

Professionals with PMP credential can work across industry verticals, with any methodology and in any location. Having PMP certification also increases your earning potential. Hiring managers across the globe usually consider widely-recognized certifications such as PMP more than anything else.

Improved Salary Prospects with Global Opportunities: The immediate change that you can see with PMP credential is a better salary package than your non-certified peers. According to Payscale.

Provides better networking opportunities: PMP is not like other certifications, it has a validity up to 3 years, then you have to earn 60 PDUs to maintain your PMP certification. Benchmarks your project execution skills: When it comes to PMP, the comprehensive knowledge gained will help you to benchmark your project execution skills and improve the overall productivity of your project team.

PMP is acknowledged across various industries: PMP certification is acknowledged across industry verticals when it comes to practical application.

PMP is all about providing best practices of managing projects across the globe in a standardized format. In fact, it stays away from recommending what processes to follow while managing projects and that is where PRINCE2 comes into the picture, it fills the void left behind by PMP. Justifies the entire project even before it starts: PRINCE2 methodology requires complete business justification at every level.

The project should provide regular updates on business cases at various junctures of the project lifecycle to ensure the intended value will be delivered to the enterprise and its clients. Failure to do so will result in terminating the justification to continue with the project.

prince2 certification vs pmp

The process activity must be completed, but you can tailor the process to suit the appropriate environment. Improved salary prospects with global opportunities: Professionals with PRINCE2 credential have a higher chance of landing their dream job and one that pays well.

Especially in countries likes the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia, your employer has all the required justification of your skills to give you an improved pay rise.

prince2 certification vs pmp

The below table should be able to give you a fair idea on subtle differences between the two of the widely-recognized project management certifications.

Employers around the world have great demand for project practitioners. At the end of the day, it completely depends on the organization and the project type that you are handling to choose the right certification that suits your career.

PMP certification is helpful for gaining a holistic view of project management and PRINCE2 mainly helps to understand the processes and people in a project.

It will help you to gain in-depth understanding of project management approaches and implement PM techniques which suit the best to successfully complete the project. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Would you like to take your Project Management profession to another level? If you are in the Project Management discipline or have always dreamt of plunging yourself in this succeeding field, you have most likely pondered about what steps you are supposed to make to acquire these certifications to propel your career.

Moreover, both the certificates offer a pool of great opportunities to move forward in your Project Management career. It is a certification program that is being provided by the Project Management Institute. The certification program includes a huge range of Project Management methodologies and core competencies that are vital and important for any project manager and can help boost your earning capacity. The course is both procedure and task-oriented.

Both courses provide a body of information and a demonstrated methodology towards executing projects successfully and productively. If you want to acquire one of these certificates, it is significant that you explore and do research before you start to stroll down one way versus the other.

Every course is more popular in specific locations, so you have to figure out which course out of two will improve your employment capacity. Although, the acknowledgment of these courses varies from industry to industry depends upon the geological areas. Least 5 years or 60 months of experience in exclusive non-overlapping professional Project Management. It is vital for a contender to comprehend the examination format before giving an exam for any certification course.

They are:. With different regulatory bodies, the exam application process for both the courses also differs from one another.

Once you have satisfied the set eligibility criteria, you are required to apply for both the examinations by filling the application. Step 4: After the confirmation, wait for the acceptance of your application, until you get audited. However, there are various criteria that you are required to follow so as to keep up with both the certifications. You are required to fulfil the following standards within the period of three years to maintain your certification:.

Getting familiarized with the examination pattern is the initial step in preparation for the examination. So, for your ease, I have included a rough framework of preparation time required for both the certification examinations. The ultimate goal of every person is to earn more and more money. The thriving element that drives the individuals to take these accreditations is the salary parameter.

PMP vs PRINCE2: Which Project Management Certification Better?

The examination pattern explains a task and you are required to attempt and answer those questions based on the given scenario. The rest of the other two examinations is a combination of normal conceptual or abstract based questions that are entirely autonomous. Furthermore, it assists you with selecting amongst both the courses that fit your ideal career path. Both the courses expect you to possess a sufficient amount of knowledge, experience, and understanding about the subject to proceed with your certification journey flawlessly.

Thus, it is recommended that can go for both the courses as it helps in the skill development of the professionals. As I have already discussed both the certifications and their significance in the field of Project Management. Hence, you can choose either of them to give your career a boost.

However, before you pick your course, there are a couple of prominent parameters that you have to consider first:. Once you list out all your priorities on the basis of these parameters, I assure you that your answer to this question will get perfectly clear. And have included all the necessary details about the two certifications in the blog. I hope, I conveyed a crystal-clear concept of both the courses and help you to choose which course to opt for.

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