Rukmini letter to krishna in sanskrit

Goddess Rukmini was the daughter of Bhishmaka — the king of Vidarbha. She was courageous and bold, she fell in love with Lord Krishna. She would rather die than lose Krishna. Rukmini was all set to marry Lord Krishna. Rukmi wanted his sister Rukmini to get married to his good friend Shishupala — the crown prince of Chedi and the son of Shrutakirti, who was the sister of Kunti.

Rukmini came to know about the plan of not letting her marry Krishna. She wrote a very beautiful love letter to Krishna asking him to take her away from the place and marry.

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The letter was delivered and recited by a Brahman named Sunanda. O Mukunda, You are equal only to Yourself in lineage, character, beauty, knowledge, youthfulness, wealth and influence.

Vanny vabiola lagu minang

O lion among men, You delight the minds of all mankind. What aristocratic, sober-minded and marriageable girl of a good family would not choose You as her husband when the proper time has come? Please come swiftly, O almighty one, and make me Your wife.

O lotus-eyed one, great souls like Lord Shiva hanker to bathe in the dust of Your lotus feet and thereby destroy their ignorance. If I cannot obtain Your mercy, I shall simply give up my vital force, which will have become weak from the severe penances I will perform. Then, after hundreds of lifetimes of endeavor, I may obtain Your mercy. As soon as Krishna got the letter, he left for Vidarbha with Balarama.

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Yutubdan mahni yukleme proqrami

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Press Esc to cancel.Skandam Yuddha Kandam-Sargam to Sri Guruvayur More Pilgrimage Places. Click to set custom HTML. It consists of verses, 12 cantos and chapters.

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This is considered as the ultimate moksha sastra blessed to living beings in this and other worlds. There are about sthuthis in Srimad Bhagavatam which are great yajnam by themselves which are far more superior than performing ashwamedha, vajapeya and other yagnams. These sthuthis are hard to find in kaliyuga due to yuga dharma. By Guru krupa and by Bhagavan's grace, our desire is to post audio files and lyrics of these great mula sthuthis and meanng deeply and thoroughly for learning and thus do kainkaryam to Bhagavan.

Simply listening to or reciting these sthuthis will bestow upon us deep devotion towards Bhagavan and mukthi without a doubt. Please come and join us to study with us. Our kind request is whoever studying these stuthis, please kindly teach your childen, family members, fellow satsangees and balvihar students and thus enliven the glory of Bhagavan.

Srimad Bhagavatham Lyrics for Skandam 10 :. Please chant this sthothram if your child or yourself or family members are suffering from fever or any illness or every day to get protection. Sthuthi : Gopika Geetham. Sthuthi : Sri Bhagavath Darshanam to Akrurar.

Rukmini Kalyanam, based on Srimad Bhagavatam.

Sthuthi : Sri Rukmini Sandesha. More Sthuthis coming soon. Copyright All rights Reserved. Slokas chanting audio files Sloka number given below. Slokas chanting with meaning in Tamil-Audio files Sloka number given below. Slokas chanting with meaning in English-Audio files Sloka number given below.

English Sloka Text or Lyrics in multiple languages. Nalakubara and Manigreeva praising and praying to Lord Sri Krishna after getting relieved from curse of becoming yamala-arjuna trees.We know that Goddess Lakshmi is the eternal companion of Lord Krishna. Whenever Lord Vishnu takes Avatara, the goddess is there with him too. During Krishna Avatar goddess Lakshmi makes her appearance, in the form of princess Rukmini. The only sister of five brothers, she was obviously much loved and the center of attraction at home.

Already, by merely hearing about him, Rukmini Devi had started understanding the true essence of Lord Krishna. Attracted to his divine personality, she decided that she would only have Krishna and none other for her husband, as he was the only spouse worth having. All her family too wanted Krishna as her husband; all except her eldest brother, who wanted to give away her hand to a powerful king named Shishupala.

rukmini letter to krishna in sanskrit

When the beautiful princess Rukmini realized that her brother would not allow her marriage to Krishna, she was deeply agitated. She pondered over the problem and came to a firm decision. She would send a message to Krishna, professing her single-minded affection for him. Rukmini then immediately send for a trusted Brahmin, and asked him to carry her message to Krishna. There Krishna welcomed the Brahmin with the appropriate rituals of washing his hands and feet.

After the latter was seated on a high seat, Krishna politely enquired him the purpose of his visit which had prompted him to come so far to see him. It was but a love letter from an anguished soul exclusively in love with the supreme soul. When a person hears about your qualities, these virtues enter the heart through our ears, and all our physical agitations are quietened.

I know that to anyone who has eyes, the very sight of your charming form bestows all the four aims of life: namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. A glimpse of you is sufficient to fulfill all our aspirations. Hence my mind shamelessly enters into you. Which sober marriageable girl of fine upbringing would not choose you as her husband when the proper time has come — considering your lineage, character, beauty, knowledge, youth, wealth and influence?

rukmini letter to krishna in sanskrit

Oh Lotus-Eyed Dear Lord! Please do take accept me as your wife. Let not Shishupala pollute me with his touch, much like a jackal would pollute a share which actually belongs to a lion, the king of all animals. Ajita, tomorrow when my marriage celebrations are about to begin, come secretly with your army, and defeating the armies of Shishupala, marry me, winning me over with your valor.

You may be wondering how you can carry me, who lives deep inside the security of the inner chambers of her palace, without first killing my relatives? The solution to this is as follows: According to our family custom, a day before the wedding, the bride-to-be goes to a temple outside the city for worshipping goddess Parvati. Having once heard of Lord Krishna, one starts losing his heart to him. What do we hanker for? Krishna is the most beautiful person in the world.Rukmini means something in HinduismSanskrit, the history of ancient India.

If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page.

Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. Closely related to Shaktism, Shaiva literature includes a range of scriptures, including Tantras, while the root of this tradition may be traced back to the ancient Vedas. That day she had her bath and decked herself with two clothes and many jewels.

The regular marriage and festivities followed. The eighteen mahapuranas total overshlokas metrical couplets and date to at least several centuries BCE. Literature is commonly written in Sanskrit using various poetic metres. There have been many Sanskrit poets over the ages, hailing from ancient India and beyond.

Rukmini was the daughter of King Bhishmaka, the ruler of the Bhoja Kingdom. She had fallen in love with Krishna after having heard his heroic exploits, but her brother, prince Rukmi, was desirous of marrying her to his friend, King Shishupala of Chedi. Rukmini was the first wife and queen of Krishna, the 8th avatar of Vishnu. She was an avatar of Lakshmi. The history of India traces the identification of countries, villages, towns and other regions of India, as well as royal dynasties, rulers, tribes, local festivities and traditions and regional languages.

Ancient India enjoyed religious freedom and encourages the path of Dharma, a concept common to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Lexicographers, esp. Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin. Starts with: RukminicampuRukminiharanaRukminihradaRukminikalyanaRukminikalyanacaritaRukminikalyanacharitaRukminikrishnavalliRukminikundaRukmininandanaRukmininatakaRukminiparinayaRukminishaRukminishavijayaRukminisvayamvaraRukminitirthaRukminivilasaRukminivrata.

You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts. Below are direct links for the most relevant articles:.The more we hear the glories of Lord Krishna, the more will be fortunate we are. We desire more for Him. It is awesome. Lord Krishna created Dwaaraka in the middle of the sea.

He brought all his people there to protect them from all evils and He looked after them well. The marriage of his brother, BalaramaSwamy, with Revathi was also over, and it was time to get Lord Krishna married. Bhishmaka was the king of Vidharba. She got a lot of satsang through Sadhus, in the palace. They said, the very valorous Lord Rama has now incarnated as Lord Krishna. She was enamored by the stories about Krishna, description of his bewitching beauty, strength, and his other fine qualities.

She made up her mind that if ever she had a husband that would be Krishna only. The very same Lord Krishna, is now ruling Dwaraka, not so a faraway from her place. Rukmini looked at her dad, with this intention in her mind. Everyone except Rukmithe elder brother of Rukmini Devi, was happy about the decision. Are you a lunatic? He is pitch dark, while our Rukmini is golden.

He is a cowherd. He has no education!

Rukmini’s Love Letter to Krishna – Srimad Bhagavatam

He went to school only for 64 days! His parents were in prison! He is hiding from his enemies and lives inside the sea! Go and do whatever you like. Rukmi decided that Sishupala, his close friend and the son of Dhamagosha king of Chedi was the right match to Rukmini and accordingly, he sent invitations to everyone for the wedding.

Can I send the bee Bhramara sandesa?Post a comment. SB He could not understand the exalted position of the two Lords. Therefore, O King, he placed firewood on all sides and set the mountain ablaze.

Love Letter To Propose Lord Krishna – By Rukmini Ji

This has already been discussed. He had five sons and one daughter of lovely countenance. Concluding that she would be an ideal wife for Him, He made up His mind to marry her.

Then the Lord worshiped him just as He Himself is worshiped by the demigods. Is your mind always fully satisfied? Saintly, prideless and peaceful, they are the best well-wishers of all living beings. Indeed, that king in whose country the citizens are happy and protected is very dear to Me.

Explain all this to Us if it is not a secret, and tell Us what We may do for you. O lion among men, You delight the minds of all mankind. What aristocratic, sober-minded and marriageable girl of a good family would not choose You as her husband when the proper time has come? Please come swiftly, O almighty one, and make me Your wife. If I cannot obtain Your mercy, I shall simply give up my vital force, which will have become weak from the severe penances I will perform.

Then, after hundreds of lifetimes of endeavor, I may obtain Your mercy. Please consider what must be done in these circumstances, and do it at once. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.The Bhajan is mesmerising and has been considered as first Love Letter. Post a Comment. July 23, First, I am taking up the scene from Mahabharat first four pictures of this post. Here is the video of the song:.

rukmini letter to krishna in sanskrit

The Lyrics of the song, was originally posted by Shivang in Orkut. I remembered this song even when I was busy with studies during my student life and completely forgot about Mytho shows. The Lyrics as well as the Music- both are Wonderful!! And Nitishji was too good!! His acting while reading the letter is So Real!! Binati suniye Binati suniye, nath hamari; binati suniye, nath hamari.

Janam janam ki lagi lagan hai, ho o o, Janam janam ki lagi lagan hai; Saakshi taaron bhara gagan hai, Gin gin shwaas aas keheti hai, aayenge Shri Krishn Murari, Binati suniye, nath hamari.

Satat pratiksha apalak lochan, ho o o, Satat pratiksha apalak lochan; He bhavbaadha, vipati-vimochan, Swagat ka adhikar dijiye, sharnagat hai nayan poojari, Binati suniye, nath hamari. Aur kahun kya antaryami, ho o o, Aur kahun kya antaryami; Tan man dhan praano ke swami, Karuna kar, aakar yeh kahiye, swikari binati swikari, Binati suniye, nath hamari, Hridayeshwar Hari Hridayvihari, Hridayeshwar Hari Hridayvihari; Mor-mukut pitambardhari, binati suniye nath hamari.

Binati suniye, nath hamari; binati suniye Now we have the song from Shri Krishna serial Picture number 5 to 8 in this post. Here is the video a bit lengthy video of the whole sequnce :. I really Love the lines- "Varan haran jo bhi karo, charan sharan do Naath" - such should be the ideal approach!!

I become So emotional while listening to this song All the words are So True!! One of the excellent compositions by Ravindra Jain. Pinky Parikh, who acted in the role of Rukmini here, acted So well I could FEEL her emotions with each line Tumharo, Hamaro Naathji Aadi-Ant Ko Saath X2 — yours and mine, o lord, is a union that precedes the beginning of time and outlasts the end of it. And now, we are taking up the same sequence from the famous novel Krishnavatara by K M Munshi.

Here also we find Complete Surrender from Rukmini, her words are full of Longing for the Lord, very very true to her emotions Dear friends, Lord always values- Sincerity. Today I just wanted to highlight the 'Surrendership' element in Rukmini through her message to Krishna, all of them are very very Dear to me!

Unknown April 17, at AM. May 03, Each of these songs are Sooo Special to me due to emotions Joy they produce! Read more.

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